What is Operations Technology (OT) and why is it important to secure ICSs

There are starting to be more discussions about the need for integration between Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) to secure ICSs. From my experience, I have found very few effective OT managers. I believe an effective OT manager must be very familiar with ICSs and their constraints and...

What do New Automation Engineers Want to Know?

The questions submitted by the 10 worldwide participants in ISA Mentor program are refreshing and cause one to stand back and think about how we do things and how can we convey knowledge we take for granted.

Peter Terwiesch Explains It All to Us... #APW10 #pauto

For those of you following me on Twitter today, here's the blog post I promised on Peter Terwiesch's Technology Update at ABB Automation and Power World. The story he told was about integration. Integration of power sources into the grid, enabling the grid to host and compensate for those sources,...

Your Chance to Weigh In

If you hang out on Twitter, follow some of the manufacturing blogs, or just read the business section of the papers, you may have noticed that suddenly manufacturing is a hot topic. From being the old-economy, dirty, boring subject nobody wanted to pay attention to because everything virtual, online, mobile...

Uncle Sam Wants YOU! TARDEC offers summer jobs!

TARDEC, the Army Tank Automotive RD&E Center is hiring students for summer jobs!