Fieldbus On-Line Diagnostics

Because off-line tools by their nature are unable to report back to the appropriate person when something happens the majority of FF Power Supply manufacturers either already offer or I am confident are working on developing on-line network diagnostic modules to continually monitor and report to a central system as...

Turck: we regret our error on the Top 50 List

OOPS! We do our best to not let things like this happen, but unfortunately, Turck Inc. was left off the Top 50 list inadvertently, due to a typographical error. On the Global list, their $490.0 million in 2009 puts them in 35th place.

About connecting things together...

On Friday, a whole gang of us went over to the Woodhead facility in Northbrook, IL. Last week was clearly about connectivity, with visiting Turck and Woodhead in the same week. Woodhead makes connectors and cable sets, as do their parent, Molex.

Getting RFID and FF Power Conditioners

Turck had not one, but two, count 'em, two major new product announcements to make yesterday. The first was about RFID, the second was about Foundation Fieldbus Power Conditioning. But first, Dean McCaskill, who's been president of Turck, Inc.