A Concentration of Minds

It's interesting to watch an idea come of age. I've been covering manufacturing of one sort or another for more years than I'm usually prepared to admit to, and from the beginning, about once a year, someone would come up and say, "You know, you really oughta do a story...

Your Taxpayers' Money at Work

Walt Boyes just posted this message: "Go visit" on Twitter. (If you're not following @waltboyes, why not? Seriously, Twitter isn't just about wasting time at work. But I digress.

Ow! This Is Gonna Smart!

Walt Boyes has been taking time away, but I guess it was too much to expect that he'd back away from the computer completely. This just popped up in my inbox as a Twitter link.

Keep Your Eyes on the Little Guys

Folks keep asking me why I spend time (maybe too much time) on Twitter. Isn't it just another techno-toy for kids? Well, no. Some day I'll write a long blog post about the fascinating evolving uses of communicating in 140-character segments, but for now, I'll settle for sharing something...

HUG 2009 Twitter Alerts

Don't miss any detail of what's going on at Honeywell Users Group Americas Symposium 2009: Return on Imagination.

Boyes Tweets from HUG 2009

Return on Imagination. Creative Vision Takes New Form at Honeywell Users Group Americas Symposium 2009

Emerson Shoots and Scores!

This just in via Jim Cahill on Twitter. Emerson is ranked as largest company in the electronics and electrical equipment category on Fortune 500 list. For the complete news release, click here. Woo-hoo!

Attention, Twitters!

All you social media freaks and twitterers out there, Walt in is the trenches today tweeting from the Sensor Expo just down the road a piece in Rosemont, IL. Catch his updates at @waltboyes. To follow Walt, you'll have to sign up for Twitter, but it's free--also can be addictive.

Surfin' the Net, Reeling in Some Good Fish

Trolling in the Web waters this morning between bouts of proofing the June issue of Control and have found some goodies to share.

I'm a I'm Tweeting from Yokogawa Tech Fair

If you want, you can follow me on Twitter by searching for posts with the Twitter hash tag #yoko or #pauto.