Exchanging Emerson

"Since we're in Washington, DC," John Berra quipped, in his last official address as business leader of Emerson Process Management, "I thought I should give a state of the union address. We are stronger than we have ever been before.

Emerson Exchange is bigger (again)

Welcoming us to the 10th Annual Emerson Exchange was Greg Stephens, chairman of the Emerson Global Users Exchange, to give it its whole and rightful title. Stephens said that attendance would run over 2579 (might get as high as 2700) which is ten times the attendance (250) at the...

It still takes engineering!

I have been hollering about this for several months now...I even wrote an editorial lamenting it, "The Elephant in the Room." What is "it"? "It" is the fact that there is an incredible dearth of good engineering practice information for doing post-prototype wireless sensor and network implementations.

It's all about the Data: New Historian Interface and Managing Logistics for Clinical Trials

“We have many thousands of our data historian, PHD, being used by hundreds of customers at thousands of sites,” said Honeywell Process Solutions’ vice president of strategy and global marketing Harsh Chitale. “So we are very exited to introduce a completely new visualization and analysis engine for PHD.”

Honeywell Releases New Experion R310 with Safety Manager and Batch Manager Upgrades

Safety: Controller Integration with System Segregation“Honeywell works closely with its User Group, and the many Customer Advisory Boards set up globally. This has made it possible to provide the new solutions we are introducing at User Group this week,” said Harsh Chitale, vice president of strategy and global marketing for...



Urso Magnifico, now reincarnated as Vice President for Technology, Jason Urso, displayed an entirely new alter ego, Super Urso, complete with cape and x-ray vision goggles, guided the Honeywell User Group 2008 crowd through a swooping and soaring vision of the technology roadmap Honeywell is following.

HPS Customer Advisory Boards

14 advisory boards form the HPS CAB. Jason Bottjen of Valero gave a talk about this method of giving Honeywell input. Bottjen says that there are some overwhelmingly important reasons to participate in Voice of the Customer sessions: --influence the HPS development roadmap --extend life of your HPS investment --optimize...

Tom Kindervater and the UIS update

Tom Kindervater, co-chair of the User Input Subommittee, provided the description of how Honeywell's unique customer input system for enhancements works. The UIS develops a detailed "want" list and Honeywell does the development work under the direction of the UIS.

Over 700 customers

According to David Wade, there are over 700 customers attending HUG this year, with over 120 first-timers....