Unit shutdown design for a batch control application

Exception handling has always been critical to batch operations. Paithankar provided some examples. Conventional approach for exception handling includes a hold hanler and an abort handler of the Unit Phase. Excepton handling is a Major Effort-- 40-50% of Implementation and Testing effort.

Lynn Craig: Is S88 a business model or an engineering implementation?

Lynn Craig, one of the Process Automation Hall of Fame inductees, and one of ISA's 50 greatest minds in automation, wants us to think about S88 in a different way. What is S88 all about? Basic control sets equipment to a desired state.

Using S88 to define a compliant package environment

Hussein: We needed a paradigm change to eliminate sources of non-compliance within the manufacturing environment. So we came up with a new set of integrated capabilities that both control manufacturing processes and collect detailed information o those processes to enable a platform for continuous improvement programs..

ISA-88.01 Standard vs. Batch Software Packages

Frede Vinther, NNE Pharmaplan A/S, gave a recap presentation of his presentation at WBF-Europe last fall. He described the similarities and differentiation between batch software packages. Batch has been around forever, long before S88 There are limitations in ISA-88. One batch limited by the extent of a Process Cell.

WBF: ISA-88 Applications

Jack Greene, from Alkermes, Inc. talked about incorporation of S88 and GAMP software design models into an integrated commissioning and validation strategy can reduce plant start-up timelines. What PLC should control my equipment? First, he said, separate the utilities from systems that serve a single Process Cell.

Keynote: Paul McKenzie, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Paul McKenzie, vice president at Bristol-Myers Squibb took us through a breathtaking tour of BMS' standardization of manufacturing using S88 and S95. On the plant floor, BMS uses Rockwell PLCs, through the plant floor DeltaV Batch engine, using OSI PI as the Historian, Maximo as the asset manager, and SAP...

WBF kicks off for 2007

Lynn Craig kicked off WBF with the announcement of not one but two Tom Fisher Awards: to Dennis Brandl and Dave Emerson. Brandl, principal of BR&L Consulting and Emerson, chief technologist at Yokogawa, are the fathers of B2MML markup language. A highly deserved set of awards.

More from Expertune/TiPS...

One of the problems I have with multiple tracks is that I haven't invented a cloning process yet... Of course, if I ever do figure out how to clone myself, I won't be working here any more (grin).

Getting back to the user group meeting...

A New Paradigm for Process Safety Metrics for Major Loss Prevention This is the third book of the Gospel on Alarm Management, presented by Ed Marszal of Kenexis Consulting. Ed admitted that his expertise is SIS rather than ASM or Alarm Management, but the three areas are intimately interlinked.

Practical alarm management

Here's the second book of the Alarm Management Gospel, this time the Gospel According to Bridget Fitzpatrick, practice lead for ASM at Mustang Engineering.