Just in case you thought this was "all Emerson, all the time" this week...

Here's an interesting press release from Invensys. Note that most of SAP's plant based experience, including Sudipta Bhattacharya, now works for Invensys. INVENSYS DEMONSTRATES ENHANCED INFUSION CONDITION MANAGER AT AVANTIS USER GROUP CONFERENCE InFusion Condition Manager version 2.2 collects and analyzes real-time diagnostics from plant production assets, drives the appropriate...

Berra speaks!

Now for John Berra: Another important part of the exchange is friendship, Berra said. The job of being an automation professional is a terrific one, and we want to help you bring to your companies great value.

Fluor and the future of engineering

Next on the agenda at Emerson Exchange is a keynote from Alan Boeckmann the chairman and CEO of Fluor Corporation. "Every time David Farr said the word 'win' the thunder rolled outside-- Berra, that's process control!" We are in the strongest capital investment cycle in the past 30 years and...

Marty Edwards and David Farr open the Exchange

Once again, it is time for Emerson Exchange. Exchange chair Marty Edwards announced that once again there has been a record breaking attendance, almost 2400 attendees-- more than a ten percent growth over last yearks exchange.

Talking to the Corner Office

This morning, I was supposed to give a speech at the RealtimeACS Cybersecurity Conference in Knoxville, Tenn. I couldn't make it, so I sent a video of the speech to Joe Weiss on a DVD. Katherine Bonfante, our Digital Managing Editor, has posted the speech at: For those of...

Sensicast ropes in National Instruments

At NI Week, currently going on in Austin, TX, Sensicast made a significant announcement: Sensicast Announces Wireless Sensor Network Integration with National Instruments LabVIEW Enables unprecedented capability for virtual instrumentation/graphical systems to leverage data through wireless sensors

OSIsoft User Conference

The OSIsoft User Conference officially kicked off today. Most of the atttendees arrived today and many were at the welcome reception. Unofficial numbers are around 1,500 attendees with 1,000 of the attendees end users and system integrators.

Thank you, John...

At the ISA Wireless Summit last week, notwithstanding all the other fine presentations, including an excellent one by Honeywell's Harsh Chitale, the cream was the speech given by John Berra, CEO of Emerson Process Management. You can read my contemporaneous notes on the blog from last week but I asked John if...

The Dust Newbie talks Money

Steve Toteta, new kid from Dust Networks, is talking about an economic perspective on wireless mesh networking. His agenda: Wireless Sensor Networking Economic Impact Case Studies Self organizing and self healing mesh technology brings many things to the industrial environment.

Larry Pereira herds cats for WINA

Now we're having a WINA panel discussion on "The Future of Industrial Wireless Technology-- an Executive Level Insight." Panelists include moderator Larry Pereira of WINA, Jose Gutierrez of Emerson Inc., Hesh Kagan of Invensys, the President of WINA, Ron Morris of DuPont, and Andrew Nolan of Honeywell.