From the innovation track:Model Intelligence for Process Control-- Tai-Ji

Yucai Zhu, president of Tai Ji Control, Tai-Ji (Tai Chi) is the Chinese system of balanced philosophy. "I thought, wow! This is control! So I named my company Tai-Ji." A few words about MPC: MPC is the standardtool for advanced process control with tremendous benefits in the refining/petrochem industry,...

From the best practices track-- #1

Nancy B here again.

From the innovation track: controllers, alarms and critical instrument management

Trevor Hrycay of Suncor and Mike Brown of Matrikon presented a research project with University of Alberta, Suncor and Matrikon. Mike Brown indicated that this project provides a "three legged stool" for looking at real deployment, determining the real issues of adoption, reformulating work processes, etc.: the IRC Research Chair.

BA Energy Builds Oils Sands Upgrader with Matrikon Suite

Cleaning oil sands isn't easy or cheap. So finding a new upgrading process that's half as expensive is really good news. The bad news is that you now have to design a build a company and a plant to do it.

Alarm Management at Bayer MaterialScience

Nancy Bartels here. I'm the managing editor (aka "The Schedule Nazi" at Control.) Walt and Jim have gone off to have coffee and schmooze, abandoning me here to cover Dr. Felix Hanisch's report on Alarm Management at Bayer MaterialScience (BMS).

Meridian's Journey to Asset Management Excellence

Knowledge may be power, but it can also take the form of speed.

Meanwhile, back at the Technology Pavilion...

During the break between main presentations, Matrikon wisely has located the refreshments in the Technology Pavilion (exhibitors' palace) and has scheduled mini-sessions there from vendors. During the morning break, Mark McTavish from Matrikon talked about Matrikon Alarm Manager, and Roy Tanner from ABB talked about Using Alarm Insight to Improve...

What a modern meeting should be like...

As you can see, we are following our tradition of trying to blog in as near realtime as we can, from the Matrikon Summit 2007. This is a little harder than it was last week, though, because for really good reasons (Marriott thinks they can make real money selling wireless...

Matrikon Summit 2007

"Matrikon is growing," says CEO Amin Rawji, "and this is reflected in the number of countries attending this event this year. We are truly a global company." "Our vision," he said, "is to be the key company to help you reach your operational excellence goals by helping manage all operational data.