The Gov'mint/Cybersecurity Minuet--Two Steps Forward, One Back

Don't know the exact implications of this. Thinking too hard about the games that go on in Washington hurts my head -- a lot. But having the "cybersecurity czar" resign even before she barely got started and having all the power brokers messing with her job doesn't sound good.

Worrying About Cybersecurity Nuances

Walt posted this story on Unfettered this morning. Seems like the Solons over at the Wall Street Journal have finally noticed the electrical grid issue. Good for them. Maybe if this story goes mainstream, more pressure to do something will get applied.

Time to Toot Our Own Horns

Found this link on today. The Wise Men have spoken. Manufacturing jobs are expected to decline by more than 5% by 2014, qualifying manufacturing (again!) for top of the heap in the Worst Jobs of the Future contest.