Walt Boyes Reports on Honeywell Wireless Panel

Walt has just submitted this report on a wireless roundtable discussion from the Honeywell user conference. Seems the notion of one wireless standard is out there among the troops, if not among all the vendors.

Live from Phoenix, Day 1

The Honeywell User Group conference is in full swing down in Phoenix, and. in spite of the heat (yes, it is 98 deg F there this afternoon, which kind of puts a different perspective on the  68 deg F and cloudy here at ControlGlobal central).

Live! From the Honeywell Users Conference.

Been a busy week here at the ControlGlobal popstand what with all the usual business of getting the July issue ready (some good stuff happening there), keeping up with the news, and trying not to lose focus in light of the Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win (awful lot of folks "working...

Walt's Excellent China Adventure in 140 Characters or Less

Here are Walt Boyes' comments on the Rockwell Automation China user group event via Twitter.

World Batch Forum 2010

Well, looks like Walt's left me with the keys to the blogging machine again. I'll try not to drive it into a wall while he's in China.

Walt Tweets from ABB World

Walt Boyes is down in Houston attending ABB World. He's a great social media guy, but hasn't yet figured out how to blog and Twitter at the same time. (Come on, Walt. Time to work on your multi-tasking skills!) So we're reproducing here Walt's tweets from the opening day.

A Very Unscientific Late Review of the iPad

The Day the World Changed (i.e., the day iPads went on sale), the big boss here got one and generously agreed to share it. Anybody on staff who wanted to could borrow it overnight and take it on a trial run.

PlantSuccess 2010 Energy Leadership Conference

This afternoon we're talking climate change, and manufacturing and automation's responses to it. Steven Sondergard, Senior Consultant from Merrick & Company and author of "Climate Balance: A Balanced and Realistic View of Climate Change," has been demystifying and de-politicizing climate change so we can start talking from a rational baseline...

PR in the age of Twitter #pauto

Last week, I got the opportunity for a change to be on the other side of the desk for a podcast interview. Juliann Grant from Telesian Technology asked me, and my quasi-competitor and friend Gary Mintchell of Automation World, to sit down with her and discuss how PR professionals should...