Four Wireless Subject Matter Experts in one Webcast! You gotta see this! #pauto

Wireless Ethernet: Ready for Industrial PrimetimeWireless can today lay claim to perhaps the fastest uptake of any “new” instrumentation technology in the industrial marketplace. Wireless Ethernet, broadly encompassing standard and proprietary variants of 802.11 and 802.15.4 wireless protocols, are being successfully deployed to solve a broad and growing range of...

Your Taxpayers' Money at Work

Walt Boyes just posted this message: "Go visit" on Twitter. (If you're not following @waltboyes, why not? Seriously, Twitter isn't just about wasting time at work. But I digress.

I'm Baaaaaack!

This blog has been fairly quiet since October 8th. That's because I decided that I needed some time off to get my head back together-- and to quit being sick too-- and try to deal with the hard reality that I've lost someone very special.

Ow! This Is Gonna Smart!

Walt Boyes has been taking time away, but I guess it was too much to expect that he'd back away from the computer completely. This just popped up in my inbox as a Twitter link.

A little personal update-- I'm taking a short leave

First, I want to take this time to thank everyone who has sent condolences on my wife's death, and all those who contributed to the Corgi Fund and other Corgi charities in her name. I am humbled by this outpouring of caring and support. Thank you.

"To Encourage the Others"

Sigh!. There's been another one. This time the fire is in the Corpus Christi, Texas, Citgo refinery. Actually is the second one this weekend that I know about. There was a fire in a bio-diesel plant in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago on Saturday. 

Cross-Posted from Controglobal's SoundOff! Wurldtech Moves on Securing the Smart Grid

Check out this post. Wurldtech is expanding its footprint into the power gen industry and the smart grid. 

Wurldtech's Cybersecurity Footprint Gets Even Bigger

Getting Walt to take a vacation is not an easy thing. But he's been good this time. Have hardly heard from him at all. I expect Mrs. Walt issued some fairly severe threats. So this morning when an email from him popped up in my mailbox with the brief...

Dad's Outta Town!

Walt says he's turned over the keys to the blogging machine to me. Silly man. Only one day, and I've already muffed it. Didn't post anything yesterday. That's like Dad leaving you the keys to the car, and you leave it sitting in the garage.

On vacation!

Yr 'umble servant is taking a week off. Nancy Bartels will do her best to fill the blog with interesting, timely and useful items while I'm gone.