Attention, Twitters!

All you social media freaks and twitterers out there, Walt in is the trenches today tweeting from the Sensor Expo just down the road a piece in Rosemont, IL. Catch his updates at @waltboyes. To follow Walt, you'll have to sign up for Twitter, but it's free--also can be addictive.

I need help! The July Weighing and Batching feature is in need of input!

I am writing the July feature on Weighing and Batching and Load Cells and I want to solicit comments from you. If you don't have much to do with weighing and batching, please forward this to somebody who does.

Not a CSIA-related Post

Walt’s been doing yeoman service covering the CSIA meeting here at SoundOff! and on Twitter, and I haven’t wanted to steal his thunder, but meanwhile, back here in cloudy, rainy Chicago, another meeting of the minds was going on.

The Rain, Not in Spain, But Other Places and Why It Matters

The always interesting Nick Denbow sent the item below in his regular email this morning.  It's worth reading, I think.

Worrying About Cybersecurity Nuances

Walt posted this story on Unfettered this morning. Seems like the Solons over at the Wall Street Journal have finally noticed the electrical grid issue. Good for them. Maybe if this story goes mainstream, more pressure to do something will get applied.

Square Root Day Squared

Update here. More on Square Root Day. (And, math majors, I'm sure the headline is technically inaccurate. But leave me alone. I'm an English major. You do the math.)

How to be a good customer

I've burned lots of electrons talking about how to be a good vendor. I've even gotten some shall we say, pointed comments from vendors about being "slapped around."

On the Other Hand . . .

As Walt says about Chris Kuehl's somewhat sanguine report on the short-term economic future of American manufacturing, "from his mouth to God's ear." I hope he's right.

ABB Comes to Lunch

Truth in Blogging Notice: Walt's taking a break from SoundOff!

Nashville News

Where's Walt, some of you have been asking He's not sick, been captured by aliens or anything else horrible.