Live from WBF 2008-- Getting $$ from Process Data

Getting $$ from Process Data Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy, CEO of OSIsoft, provided the closing keynote for WBF 2008. PC Vs IT -- IT Does it Right -- IT Doesn’t Matter IT -- Part of All Things Modern but No Stand Alone Value -- Peer to Peer Redesign PC -- Difficult, Treacherous -- Stand Alone No...

Live from WBF 2008-Modeling the Wild APC for Batch

Advanced Process Control for Chemical Batch Reactors Wim Van Brempt of IPCOS and David R. Vinson, from Air Products & Chemicals Advanced Process Control: MPC superior to PID control Variance reduction Multivariable Predictive Optimization Optimization = Business Case (he showed a slide I can't reproduce illustrating  how MPC(Model Predictive Control)...

Live from WBF 2008-- "Travels with Bruce"

Traveling with S-88: Leveraging the ISA-88 Standard in a Complex Assembly Process Bruce Henne of EaglePicher Technologies, with Marcus Tennant of Rockwell Automation An Overview: Complex assembly process overview Challenges of a complex assembly process How ISA-88 was applied Benefits and Conclusion Questions Eagle-Picher Technologies...

Live from WBF 2008- Batch Operations in a Continuous World

Use of S88 Techniques in Semi-Continuous Applications Dr. Wayne Gaafar, Honeywell Process Solutions Batch Operations in a Continuous World Continuous Operations do not (like to) admit to having batch processes But they do… Water Treatment Polymer Reactors De-Cokers Pressure Swing Adsorption Guard Reactors Etc..

Live from WBF--The World According to Lou

Velumani ("Lou") Pillai, who is one of the serious big dogs in manufacturing at Pfizer, presented what he called a collaborative paper written by himself, Rob Burrows, also of Pfizer, and the ubiquitous Dennis Brandl (who is the only human being I know who multitasks better than I do).

Live from WBF 2008-- Industrial Interoperability Compliance Institute

Dennis Brandl announced the creation of the newest of ISA's compliance institutes, the IICI (pronounced I-CEE, so that the compliance stamp can say "IICI Cool!") The IICI Mission: Create a standardized application framework and interoperability baseline to enable adaptive manufacturing and business processes Dramatically lower high life cycle cost of...

Live from WBF 2008-- The Zen of Project Management

Three Principles for Reducing the Time It Takes to Implement Software Systems John Roach, Senior System Architect, Advanced Automation Three Principles: To Speed Up, Slow Down Use Iterations To Increase Perceived Speed Brace for Impact Here's an illustration. It's called the Rock Problem. You're providing rocks.

Live from WBF 2008-- Applying ISA88 in a nontraditional application

Leveraging the ISA-88 Standard--in a Multi-Station Dipping Process John Parraga & Marcus Tennant Rockwell Automation Industry and Requirements Challenges of the Process How ISA-88 was Applied Benefits and Conclusion Questions Processing objectives: Surface cleaning Chemical Milling, Wet etching Layer thinning, Layer stripping   Parts anodizing, Plating Gas deposition Multiple parts types:...

Live from WBF 2008-- Batch Management Modernization...a case study

Batch Management Modernization: Case Study of Upgrading and Adding S88 Features to a Legacy System at Lanxess

Live from WBF 2008--The ISA88 Area Model...More than Just a Pretty Face

Scott Sommer from Jacobs Engineering and Doug Bourgeois of Complete Systems Automation, presented a paper on the use of the ISA88 Area Model. Part 1-Understand Project Phase Deliverables Part 2- Understand the Role of the S88 Area Model in the Project Timeline Part 3- Learn How to Use the S88...