Standards Update

Dressed as football players, complete with helmets, Dennis Brandl, Keith Unger, Charlie Gifford, Lynn Craig, and Dave Chappell gave updates on the standards of interest to WBF. Brandl talked about the SP88 update of Part 1. They are getting rid of the fuzziness, now that we have 10 years.

Manuel Florez on the Real World of Batch

Quest for the Perfect Batch... A problem... A classic case of pproblems encountered with automation and control without fully understanding the process...  Problem description: We had a supply crisis, and increased demand..and we were met with a product taht was failing for poor reliability, high manufacturing costs, adn porduct qulity variances.

Managing a manufactured product...

"Last year I was up here speaking for Procter and I can stand here and speak about them!"

ISA-95 applied as an analysis tool

by Bianca Scholten, Partner, Ordina OPGELOST "I'm going to do this in high heels," she started out, referring to the end of my own presentation. "And in English," she continued. "It is important to talk about language.

About the Automation Federation...

by Maurice Wilkins, Chairman of WBF Maurice gave a short update on the Automation Federation......

Realizing the Benefits of Finite Capacity Scheduling to Manage Batch Production Systems

by Glen Wirth and Marcus Tennant, Rockwell Automation, and Vincent de Gast, Systems Navigator The most common scheduling tools are spreadsheets and batch lists, that are manually updated and do simple calculations, or ERP systems, that tell you what is needed, what is available, and what is required.

Real Time Performance Monitoring Improves Asset Capability of a Batch Process

by Sandra Vann and Mike Williams, The Dow Chemical Company, and James Destro, Consultant-Siemens. Remember the slide Lynn Craig showed? "Use Money to Make Money?" This is about doing that. How do I ensure that I can get my best return on my tangible asset-- the physical plant.

Implementation of Object Models...

Steven Munoz Trochez, University of Cauca. Munoz presented a case study using S-95 models. Advantages of the Functional Data Flow Model: it is flexible and allows collecting information frome xperts by means of interviews, can be used in bedium or big companies, and it is not strict concerning its...

The Editors speak...

Three editors agreed to talk about their view, and the view of non-engineers and the business community, of batch and process automation. Nancy Bartels, of Control, Gary Mintchell, of Automation World, and Mark Hoske of Control Engineering.

Unit shutdown design for a batch control application

Exception handling has always been critical to batch operations. Paithankar provided some examples. Conventional approach for exception handling includes a hold hanler and an abort handler of the Unit Phase. Excepton handling is a Major Effort-- 40-50% of Implementation and Testing effort.