Online Content Treasure Hunt

Don't you love that feeling when you put your hands in your pocket and to your surprise you find dollar bills tucked away that you didn't know you had? Well, this column aims to give you that feeling about

Major Rant on Customer Service (not)


ISA Teaches Marketing and Sales

After a gangbusters start yesterday with over 40 people attending the pre-conference short courses taught by me, John Kuensler of ARC and Jim Geisman who is one of the two leading gurus of pricing for technology products, and a terrific keynote by Julie Fraser, Principal Industry Analyst from Cambashi, Inc.

Web 2.0 the Opto Way

Opto 22 sent me this thought-provoking press release. Opto has twigged to the blending of entertainment and education that especially younger automation professionals appear to be expecting. Just a quick look on YouTube gets us this interesting set of benchmarks. Searching on "industrial automation" gets 389 videos.

Younger employees ARE going to be different---they'll understand Web 2.0

Dick Morley drew my attention to this press release from Newswise. Note the comments about the pharmaceuticals industry by graduate student Riley Gaddy: Students Put Web 2.0 Through a Test in Virtual Classroom Newswise — Students from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business worked in synch -- virtually -- with...