Nuclear vs Solar and Wind. Which Is Better? Should We Pursue Both?

The following email exchange has been zipping through the electrons here at Control. The commenter and the responders all raise good points. I thought I'd open the subject up for further responses.

Blowin' in the Wind.

This just in, thanks to my buddy, Mike Bacidore, the editor in chief of Control's sister publication, Plant Services.  WAGO is using a wind turbine at it's North American headquarters in Germantown, WI, to serve as a demo for some of its products AND save some money at the same time.

Cyber Threats Can Affect Green Power Too

Posted by Joe Weiss:

Oops! We Missed a Birthday

Tidying up my email in box tis morning--always a daunting task--and I found the release below. Happy Belated Birthday to commercial HVDC light. Who knew?

How Green Is My Windfarm...

ABB publicists are busy these days. Here's an extract from a release from Laura Patrick: ABB has won an order worth more than $400 million from the German utility E.ON Netz GmbH to supply the power equipment that will connect the world's largest offshore wind farm to the German grid.