Convergence Fail-- ISA100 editors reject convergence again #pauto #wireless #ISA100 #wirelessHART

Attention end users! This one is for you.  You get the kinds of products that you are willing to insist on.

IFPAC - Process Analyzer Connections

I have just returned from the 25th IFPAC conference in Baltimore in part to renew my Process Analyser roots and acquaintances but mostly to see how the technology has evolved in the past few years and has expected it has migrated to smaller, faster, smarter minimally invasive instruments -minimally invasive...

Antennas – Wireless Achilles Heel?

While attending the WirelessHART seminar a while back we had a discussion about potential vulnerabilities and challenges with Wireless devices in classified areas and surprisingly or upon further consideration maybe not so much of a surprise, one of the real challenges faced by manufacturers is how to make the antenna...

Future of Instrumentation Workshop

Oakridge National Laboratory is hosting the above workshop November 8 – 10 at their facilities in Oakridge Tennessee with the intent of focusing on the Future of Instrumentation.

HART Supplement 2010 #pauto #HART #wirelessHART #wireless #fieldbus

Control's 2010 HART Supplement is ready for you.

Your August isse of Control is ready online... #pauto #mfg #manufacturing #wireless #NeSSI #BP

Control's August issue is now online and ready for viewing.In the August Issue of Control, Editor in Chief Walt Boyes outlines where we are now with wireless--the standards wars, the technologies and why some folks are avoiding wireless regardless.

ISA announces WCI-certified ISA100.11a field devices... But which standard? #pauto #ISA #wireless

ISA announced a couple of days ago that a whole group of Honeywell and Yokogawa instruments and devices had completed WCI-compliance testing and were now certified ISA100.11a devices. That's cool.

A Meshing we will go

It is now only a matter of time before all our wireless devices will be connected to each other. Much like your Bluetooth device is always looking for new connections, IEEE 802.11s will make it possible for you to mesh your IEEE 802.11 device to other similar devices and create...

Asset management as wireless driver

The primary message being delivered by the champions of wireless is that it will enable full access to the rich information contained in today’s smart instruments and in particular the diagnostic information thus providing you the benefits of complete predictive maintenance. Of course it is never quite this easy.

IEC62591-WirelessHART standard approved by CENELEC without changes #pauto #wireless #mfg

 From the press release from HART Communication Foundation: