Sensicast ropes in National Instruments

At NI Week, currently going on in Austin, TX, Sensicast made a significant announcement: Sensicast Announces Wireless Sensor Network Integration with National Instruments LabVIEW Enables unprecedented capability for virtual instrumentation/graphical systems to leverage data through wireless sensors

ACS Cybersecurity Conference pulls powerful speakers together

Control Magazine has been working very hard with Joe Weiss on this conference and we're really pleased to share the agenda with you. It is a real powerhouse conference. You can still come and be a part of it. Register at Agenda for the ACS CyberSecurity Conference

Honeywell secures its One Wireless supply chain

In view of persistent rumors about the well-being of Accutech/Adaptive Instruments, this press release from Adaptive Instruments' VP Wallace Lueders seems pretty clear:

Siemens spinoff EnOcean harvests energy from light switches!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fundamental breakthrough creates battery-free wireless lighting control Four Harvesters Capture 'Unused Environmental Energy' ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SALT LAKE CITY, Utah -- The lighting market can be a demanding taskmaster. p It wanted battery-free, wireless lighting control, especially for large installations where battery management could be a real headache.

A Field Guide to Industrial Wireless...

The August cover story for Control is posted at We've done this a little differently this month. In the magazine, everywhere there is a web resource, we've indicated it with a little circle-i caret. So we made a single page to go to where you can find both the...

Thank you, John...

At the ISA Wireless Summit last week, notwithstanding all the other fine presentations, including an excellent one by Honeywell's Harsh Chitale, the cream was the speech given by John Berra, CEO of Emerson Process Management. You can read my contemporaneous notes on the blog from last week but I asked John if...

Arch Rock strikes again! 6LoWPAN Interops test successful!

Earlier this year, Arch Rock ( reported product development kits using the IETF 6LoWPAN wireless standard and the IEEE802.15.4 radio. This is, of course, the same radio that Zigbee, WirelessHART, and the ISA100.11a standards are using.

And what do _I_ think about wireless?

Some people attending the ISA Wireless Summit this week noted that I was capturing in this blog the essence of what was being said by everybody else at the meeting...but what they wanted to know was what Walt Boyes thought.

Paul Sereiko closes out the conference...

This is an out of the box presentation, Paul said.

The Dust Newbie talks Money

Steve Toteta, new kid from Dust Networks, is talking about an economic perspective on wireless mesh networking. His agenda: Wireless Sensor Networking Economic Impact Case Studies Self organizing and self healing mesh technology brings many things to the industrial environment.