SP99-- who are those guys?

Ken Anderson will be speaking on security issues with Wireless applications. I don't know what happened, but this was supposed to be given by Bryan Singer... Anderson works for an oilsands company. What I want to talk about is where SP99 is, and what we're doing there.

Larry Pereira herds cats for WINA

Now we're having a WINA panel discussion on "The Future of Industrial Wireless Technology-- an Executive Level Insight." Panelists include moderator Larry Pereira of WINA, Jose Gutierrez of Emerson Inc., Hesh Kagan of Invensys, the President of WINA, Ron Morris of DuPont, and Andrew Nolan of Honeywell.

Richard H. Paine, from Boeing, 802.11 and the open group

The Boeing Company default wireless infrastructure is 802.11. Paine has been a network technologist since 1977, has been leading wireless at Boeing since 1993, was the co-chair of the Secure Mobile Architecture working group of the Open Group, and is co-chair of IEEE802.11k

Optimizing Wireless Technology: Perspectives of the End User

Dick Caro says he has always represented the end user. Unless you have the end-user you won't sell anything. Dick Caro CEO of CMC Associates: Business Strategy & Professional Services Vice President of ARC Advisory Group in Dedham, Massachusetts Chairman of ISA SP50 and formerly of IEC Fieldbus Standards Committees...

Hesh Kagan says it is better to be a WINA than a loosa.

Kagan, with his usual dry wit, explained what WINA, the wireless industrial networking alliance, is about, what it does, and what its mission is. "Our mission is to promote the adoption of wireless technologies and solutions that improve the efficiencies, production and safety of industrial manufacturing and processes," Kagan said.

You can see the presentations we're seeing online!

Go to and you can download the presentations that are being given at this conference....

Chip Lee from ISA mitigates the damage to the HART/SP100 relationship, and Wally Pratt speaks!

Making very clear that ISA is committed to working with the HART foundation, Chip Lee, who is in charge of standards at ISA among other things, introduced Wally Pratt, the chief engineer of the HART Communication Foundation.

Microsoft on wireless...

Dan Arildson from Microsoft noted that wireless devices started out nearly as toys, but now many industries have mission critical wireless apps. Fedex and UPS, for example, he noted, run every bit of revenue through wireless devices as they deliver and pick up packages.

John Berra on wireless: "No wires. No limits."

"I consider myself a veteran in living through and working through technology changes," Berra started out, noting that he had been an ISA member for 38 years. He went through the ringing of the changes from pneumatics to fieldbus.