Harsh Chitale from Honeywell on Wireless

Harsh Chitale, new vice president of strategy and marketing for Honeywell Process Systems, is presenting "Top Considerations for Selecting Your Industrial Wireless Solution." "Whenever there is a bunch of buzz about something, there is always the risk of rushing into something without doing the planning necessary.

Wally Pratt responds...and Kinney continues...

Wally Pratt, chief engineer of HART Communication Foundation, responded that WirelessHART will coexist with S100.11a. Kinney said, "I believe that both systems will work transparently, and that you won't even notice that both networks are operating." Kinney also said that SP100 is working with the IEC community, and that it...

Next up: Wayne Manges, co-chair, SP100

Wayne Manges, co-chair of ISA's SP100 committee, presented an overview of all things wireless yesterday, and received great arousal from the end user community. This morning, Wayne is presenting an overview of S100. S100 is supposed to be a reliable, universal family of wireless standards, backed by ISA expertise, heritage...

ISA Wireless Summit

Your humble servant (we're in Canada, eh?) is blogging this morning from the ISA Wireless Summit, formally titled Wireless Solutions for Manufacturing Automation. Pat Gouhin led off with a brief description of ISA's activities and turned the meeting over to Andre Restaino, who is the Compliance Institute leader at ISA.

Gas plant goes wireless three ways

While many folks put one toe in the water, some jump in with both feet. So, while some process control users may slowly test wireless for limited monitoring in non-critical corners of their plants, a few brave engineers are blanketing their facilities with multiple wireless protocols, and finding more than...

Jake Brodsky offers a contrarian view on wireless in the plant

Jake Brodsky, automation guru and SCADA gadfly, posted this on the SCADA list earlier today, and I asked his permission to post it. Folks, I like radios. I've been fascinated with them since I was five years old.

Cisco tosses their hat into the wireless ring

Effectively saying they can do the same things that Apprion and Honeywell and Invensys have announced in the past three weeks, Cisco (from their press release) today announced a new mobility solution for the oil and gas industry, the Cisco First Mile Wireless solution.

What the Honeywell OneWireless Announcement Means

I'm sure some of you were wondering when I would get around to this post. After all, the announcement, made last Monday at HUG in Phoenix, is old news now. But it isn't. What I saw in Phoenix, and what I heard about in 2006 at HUG, was an implementation...

The wireless landscape changes again...

Apprion, who is in bed with Invensys, unembargoed this press release a few minutes ago: Apprion Unveils Next Generation of the ION System Enables Secure, Reliable, Wireless Application Networks in Large Process Manufacturing Plants Moffett Field, Calif.

The B Team Takes The Field

Walt is busy getting the first edition of the electronic show daily for the 32nd Annual Honeywell User Group meeting off the ground, so while he's not looking, I'm talking over SoundOff! Being a member of the press has it's advantages.