ISA100--did we accomplish anything in Mountain View?

Well, close to 100 of us spent most of last week in Mountain View, CA at the Ames NASA public affairs building doing the standards dance.

ISA100 Opening Plenary -- a talk by ExxonMobil's Pat Schweitzer

Pat Schweitzer gave me permission to post this text-- it is the text of the talk he gave on Tuesday at the ISA100 opening plenary...and for the first time, ExxonMobil has allowed him to make a strong statement about how ExxonMobil feels about wireless.

More from ISA100

We're listening to four special interest sessions:

ISA100 General Meeting

We're going through a plenary session in which all the ISA100 Work Groups, Interest Groups, and Study Groups are sharing status reports. WG2 wants to go out of business. WG8 is back in business, and I have volunteered to be co-chair...

WCI gets help from NIST to prove ISA100.11a works

From the press release from the Automation Standards Compliance Institute, an ISA company:

Wireless Sanity Prevails--ISA100.11a D2 ballot fails

The ballot for the current draft of ISA100.11a failed of receiving its required two-thirds majority to pass. The draft will be returned to the Working Group, along with the comments received, and we will do another round.

How do end users REALLY feel about wireless interoperability? Let's ask!

Since it is clear that the current draft of ISA100.11a is incompatible with WirelessHART (already an IEC Publically Available Specification, and headed to being an IEC standard shortly), I've been wondering what the end user community thinks about this.

New whitepaper on the use of mesh networking in ISA100.11a Draft 2

A new white paper on the uses of mesh networking in ISA100.11a Draft 2 has been posted in the white paper library. Read the white paper:

Emerson lands huge WirelessHART project order from PDVSA

From Emerson's press release: