CapEx Wireless Savings Proven in Hydrotreater Study

Economic and Technical Considerations for Deployment of Wireless in Capital Projects

Real World Wireless

In a press conference held Monday at 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange, BP and six other end users of Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless technology described the real-world benefits already being achieved in many different industries around the globe. "

IF ISA100.11a isn't interoperable, why are we going to vote to release it?

I have become very worried, after reading the ISA100.11a proposed standard draft that is currently out for ballot.

ISA takes position on wireless network symbology

Thanks to Tom McAvinew and Al Iverson of the ISA Standards and Practices Board for responding to my challenge to come up with how to deal with industrial wireless networks using the ISA standards for documentation and design drafting for instrumentation systems.

WirelessHART wins IEC ballot-- now IEC/PAS 62591 Ed. 1

65C/506A/PAS Project: IEC/PAS 62591 Ed.1 IEC/PAS 62591: Industrial communication networks - Fieldbus spec

Can we be even more obvious, ISA? This is embarrassing a fine institution!

First, the ISA100 leadership rushes out a draft standard after the editorial team "handles" over 2000 technical comments in less than 98 days (including weekends and holidays).

Energy Harvesting Module

One of the several elephants in the wireless sensor network room is the apparent need to have thousands of batteries onsite in a fully developed network, and the need to have to go change out those batteries after some years (some say three years, some say five years, some say...

My August editorial on wireless -- listen to the audio preview

I am sure this will anger some people, but I also think others will be moving their heads up and down, and others might even be cheering me on. Somebody has to say these things, or the situation will never improve. ...


Cooper Industries keeps Elpro and Omnex separate

 Ever since Cooper Industries bought MTL and gave it to its Crouse-Hinds division, while simultaneously buying Omnex Controls and giving it to Cooper Bussman, there has been speculation that Cooper might be able to achieve significant synergies by merging the two organizations, but that apparently will not least for...