Asset management as wireless driver

The primary message being delivered by the champions of wireless is that it will enable full access to the rich information contained in today’s smart instruments and in particular the diagnostic information thus providing you the benefits of complete predictive maintenance. Of course it is never quite this easy.

IEC62591-WirelessHART standard approved by CENELEC without changes #pauto #wireless #mfg

 From the press release from HART Communication Foundation:

Convergence is the question, not the answer #pauto #isa #WirelessHART

Convergence—or not, that’s the question...

Wireless Wasted with Thumbs

The most common implementation of Industrial Wireless, especially WirelessHART is to install a “thumb” on the ‘spare’ outlet of a conventional HART transmitter so that the HART information can be accessed wirelessly practically anywhere. In my mind this is a step back because most control systems support HART communications directly...

Here's NIVIS' WirelessHART entry from Monday night. #pauto #HART #wireless

I reported yesterday about the fantastic performance of the NIVIS gateway and the Software Technology Group field device and the MACtek Bullet WirelessHART Adaptor on Monday evening.

His Name is Urso, Jason Urso

Our fearless, intrepid reporter, Jim Montague, has gone into the scary lair of that most dangerous of crime fighters, James Bond, and come back with a report. First important piece of news. James Bond is really Jason Urso of Honeywell.

Nominate YOUR Plant for 2010 HART Plant of the Year Award #pauto

From the press release announcing that the nominations are open:

More from the (cancelled) HCF Press Conference at Hannover Messe -- #pauto

There was a parade of new product announcements from MACTek, Emerson, Pepperl+Fuchs, Phoenix Contact and ProComSol that were released today by the HART Communication Foundation-- that would have been released at Hannover Messe:

HART Foundation Press Conference at Hanover Fair Cancelled -- here's what would have happened...#pauto

Thanks to the Icelandic volcano with the incredibly difficult to pronounce name (Eyjafjallajokull, pronounced like this), the normal HART Communication Foundation press conference at Hanover Fair has been cancelled.

Siemens introduces WirelessHART products--Shipping in May

Here's a capsule update on the wireless standards war.