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This email from the HART Foundation just popped up in my inbox.

The WirelessHART Ecosystem-- A Scorecard for End Users to Enjoy

Far from being an "emerging standard" (which is the way I'd describe ISA100.11a) the WirelessHART and HART 7 "ecosystem" (as we are now told we have to call the vendor supply chain systems) appears to be growing and flourishing at an astonishing rate.

Wurldtech expands into wireless network security

New press release from Wurldtech signals a movement into wireless network security as well as wired network security:

Yokogawa makes big ISA100 announcement

Here's the press release, notwithstanding the fact that they have a whole track at this User Group on WirelessHART and how to use Yokogawa products with WirelessHART. #yoko #pauto

HART Debuts New Registration Program for HART and WirelessHART

At long last, HART has finalized the device Registration program for both wired and wireless HART devices. This supplants the longstanding practice of self-certification that HART Foundation member companies could perform in the past.

WirelessHART Testing Suite Released

After months of being the critical path to getting products out the door, and feeling the imprint of all the boots running down that path on their backs, the HART Communication Foundation has released the WirelessHART Test Suite that is the complement to the already released Test Suite for...

WirelessHART-- it's not just for Emerson anymore!

As the ISA100.11a draft standard nears approval, the chorus of vendors committed to WirelessHART, at least for now, continues to swell. Last month, at Interkama, ELPRO Technologies, Emerson, Endress+Hauser, Pepperl+Fuchs and MACTek all launched WirelessHART products.

Don't you dare count ZigBee out of industrial wireless sensor networks!

And further to the idea that there WILL be multiple wireless standards used in the industrial plant environment, here's a press release from the ZigBee folks that clearly plants them in the race for wireless sensor networks, not only in the process plant, not only in the discrete plant...

VDC data supports contrarian view of wireless adoption

In a new report just released, industry analyst firm VDC says that while 802.11 usage will grow from $168 Million to $543.9 Million by 2012, and proprietary field networks will grow from $111.2 to $273.7 Million, standards based field networks like WirelessHART, Zigbee and ISA100.11a will only grow from...

ISA100--did we accomplish anything in Mountain View?

Well, close to 100 of us spent most of last week in Mountain View, CA at the Ames NASA public affairs building doing the standards dance.