Women in Manufacturing

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, about a third of all manufacturing workers today are women. Manufacturing jobs today are far from the labor-intense jobs they were in previous years. Today, the manufacturing field is a high-tech one that requires a lot of attention to detail.

Tasks for the Day After the Inauguration

Okay. I'll admit it. It's going to be hard to keep focus today, what with all the excitement going on in Washington. I want to be in on the party too, if only vicariously. But I'm going to leave it to my betters to batter the ears of the...

Women Drivers on Mars

Walt's resting his fingers after his marathon blogging sessions at WBF, so to fill in the gap, I'm taking over the blog. In between WBF session, Walt send me the following news release from NASA.  March 12, 2008: Little noticed by the general public, February 23 was a special day in...