Cross-Posted from Controglobal's SoundOff! Wurldtech Moves on Securing the Smart Grid

Check out this post. Wurldtech is expanding its footprint into the power gen industry and the smart grid. 

Wurldtech expands into wireless network security

New press release from Wurldtech signals a movement into wireless network security as well as wired network security:

Wurldtech and Matrikon declare alliance for cyber security

The combining and recombining in the functional security world is beginning to look like a test tube full of recombinant DNA as companies jockey for the ability to offer a completely integrated security solution. Here's Wurldtech and Matrikon's latest effort:

Wurldtech and Shell announce global cooperation for increased infrastructure protection

Wurldtech and Shell have announced a global partnership to ensure cyber security for all of Shell's infrastructure around the world.

more on Wurldtech and exida...what does it mean?

I said yesterday that I'd blog further on why this agreement between Wurldtech and exida is important.

Wurldtech and exida join forces...

In an announcement I'd been expecting for some time, exida and Wurldtech have joined forces to provide subject matter expertise on the conjoined issues of functional safety and what I like to call "functional security."

Perry Pederson joins Wurldtech

From the press release:

Live from Yokogawa Tech Fair: To Fix System Bugs, Wurldtech Gets Fuzzy Wid It

Anything Can Be Hacked. The list of people who enjoy finding bugs more than Dr. Nate Kube isn’t very long. His company’s customers might be at the top of that short list. “When vendors or manufacturers use our stuff to find bugs, they’re just bugs,” explained the co-founder and CTO...

More on Wurldtech’s Delphi database

Here's the official press release from Steve Kim at Wurldtech. I'm posting it, because Joe is quoted in it, and he is the shy and retiring type, and doesn't want to blow his own horn (not). Walt