Terry Jones, founder and former Chairman and CEO of

About 500 years ago, sailors had no way to precisely determine their position. Once an accurate timepiece was invented and used in 1773, it became possible to accurately shoot the sun and fix their postion.

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The Last Day: Yokogawa's Dave Emerson Integrates the Enterprise

Adoption Standards Is Key in Business and Control System Integration. “There are people,” began Dave Emerson, principal systems architect for Yokogawa Corp. of America, “who believe that a non-standard approach to integration allows them to continue to differentiate themselves in the market. They are wrong.

The Last Day: Joe Weiss Talks About Cyber-Deaths at Yokogawa Tech Fair

Cyber Does Affect Automation Devices Until 2000, my job was engineering agile and usable control systems. That meant vulnerable control systems,” said Joe Weiss, principal of Applied Control Solutions and founder of the Real-Time Cyber Security Conference. “Security and performance are generally in conflict.

The Last Day: Reincarnated, Mike Bradley Gives FUD-less Lecture on Wireless

Mike Bradley, for many years CEO of Wonderware, recently became CEO of Apprion, a player in the wireless infrastructure space in process automation. Between Bradley and founders Peter Fuhr and Steve Lambright, Apprion has a powerful team indeed. Bradley was the closing keynote for the 2008 Yokogawa Tech Fair.

One more late session from Wednesday's Yokogawa Tech Fair--Eric Byres on Defense in Depth

One of the last sessions of Wednesday was by Eric Byres of Byres Security, and a Control contributor. Defense-in-Depth Key to Secure Automation Keywords: Defense, security, Automation, cybersecurity, firewall, IT and Yokogawa Users Conference How Important Is a Firewall in Today's World? “The further backward you look, the further...

Live from Yokogawa: "The Silence of the Lambs" Nate Kube on Cyber Security

The Silence of the Cyber Threat Dr. Nate Kube, co-founder and CTO of Wurldtech Security, described the control systems of yesteryear as he began his talk, “Answering the Silent Threats to Automation and Process Control.” Yesterday, he began,  the Process Control Networks were isolated or “air-gapped” from Enterprise Networks; they...

Live from Yokogawa Tech Fair: To Fix System Bugs, Wurldtech Gets Fuzzy Wid It

Anything Can Be Hacked. The list of people who enjoy finding bugs more than Dr. Nate Kube isn’t very long. His company’s customers might be at the top of that short list. “When vendors or manufacturers use our stuff to find bugs, they’re just bugs,” explained the co-founder and CTO...

Live from Yokogawa: Chuck Carter on Fieldbus Training

Fieldbus Training for Operators As part of a session which included Bill Tatum from Fieldbus Foundation and Ian Verhappen of MTL, Chuck Carter, center director of the Fieldbus Center at Lee College of Baytown, Tex., discussed the requirements for technical training necessary to achieve operators that are trained and knowledgeable...

Live from Yokogawa--2008 Yokogawa Technology Award

Bruce Jensen, chair of the conference, presented the Yokogawa Technology Award. This award goes to the end user who suggests the most significant product enhancement or new product that becomes part of the Yokogawa product line.