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What Happens When You Fail to Calibrate Your Flowmeters?

A flowmeter that is not measuring properly can cause many problems. In a custody-transfer application involving rude oil or natural gas, even the smallest error can cost a customer millions of dollars a year.

Are You Ready to Be Part of the Electrical Plan?

Integrated project management and electrical/automation systems promise to change the work habits of control engineers.

Innovation Institutes Deserve a Closer Look

We used to get advanced technology as trickledown from the military, the cold war arms race, NASA, national labs, well-endowed universities and serious basic research centers run by great American companies. Today, many of those avenues are weakened or broken, and we can sure use help from these new centers...

Palpable Excitement

When we interview the leaders of vendor companies that are completing a merger or acquisition, we're mainly interested in reporting what you – its customers – need to know: how will it change what you can get from them, and how you'll have to go about getting it.

"Alarming Deja Vu"

Editor in Chief Paul Studebaker is amazed at how much the process automation landscape has changed. Yet something that has not changed much is alarm management. He wants to hear about alarm management in your plant.