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The accuracy it real?

Because of the laboratory and "scientific" origins of process automation, we tend to pay a lot of attention to issues like accuracy. A device that is more accurate is inherently better. But is this really true? I submit that it isn't true.

What is it about integrity?

Yesterday, we were visited by Matt Tormollen and Dave Cooper from Pavilion Technologies ( They told us about a radical new sales paradigm they were offering to their clients. They call it "value first." What they mean is that they built a giant toolset called Pavilion 8, which apparently does...

More About Tools...

What divides a practice, a profession from people using tools to perform actions? It is, at least according to me, whether there is any intrinsic knowledge needed to properly use the toolsets, or whether anyone from any number of disciplines can do it well, just by using the tools.

Are We a Profession, or a Toolset?

We talk a lot about process automation professionals, but is there really a "profession" of process automation?? Or is process automation simply a set of tools that people in other professions, like operations, electrical engineering,chemical engineering, plant maintenance, manufacturing management and IT use to do their jobs? This is a...

It's About Time, ISA!

ISA has announced that they are thinking of moving into the standards compliance business. One of the largest standards making bodies in the world, ISA has never done well at encouraging or enforcing compliance with their standards.

Standards Compliance is a Good Thing(tm)

ISA will move into standards compliance, or it will die. I know that's pretty harsh, but consider. ISA at its highest point had over 40,000 members. That sounds great, but at the same time, publishing industry figures showed well over twice that on controlled, audited circulation at its height,...

Best Practices? We Don' Need No Steenkin' Best Practices

From Dale Peterson's ScadaSecurityBlog for: 2005-04-04 Best Practice? A security consultant not recommending best practice? The horror. This came up a number of times in class last week. A student walks up during the break and explains his SCADA system, and then asks if he should implement the best practice...

Solaia Loses, Rockwell Wins...What Does It Mean?

I'm still reading and digesting the Solaia decisions. There were two decisions. The first denied Solaia's motion for a summary judgement against ArvinMeritor and Rockwell Automation for patent infringement on the '318 patent. The second decision granted ArvinMeritor and Rockwell summary judgement that they did NOT infringe on the '318 patent.

Victory for Rockwell--Solaia loses lawsuit!

4/5/2005 I usually post in the morning, but got busy...and I'm glad I did...because a friend just sent me the texts of the court orders in the Solaia case. I am pleased to report that Solaia lost.

Big Bandwidth User Groups

I've been working over my schedule for the next couple of months. It used to be easy for us editor types to visit our vendor and end user customers...we went to a couple of trade shows that there they all were.