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Managing Capital Projects in the Cloud

Capital projects need to scale up and down quickly, making cloud-based project management solutions a good fit

Saving Money in Tough Times

When times are tough, companies cut back on everything from salaries to travel to new product investment. Is your company cutting back? If so, how? Do you see light at the end of the tunnel, or are these cutbacks in place for the foreseeable future?

Calling all Podcasters

I host monthly podcasts for Control magazine, and I’m looking for interesting topics to discuss with process industry professionals. Each podcast is created from a 15-minute interview/discussion, typically conducted via phone.

Power Industry Wins One, Loses Another

According to the Orange County (Calif.) Register, the power industry one won U.S. Supreme Court battle but lost a second.

Energy Harvesters Come of Age

Wireless sensors are much more practical when energy harvesters are used to eliminate the need for power wiring. Energy harvesters convert vibration, heat or light into electrical energy which is used to power a rechargeable battery or a capacitor.

Fixed Price vs T&M

When you’re planning a project for your process plant, one of your most important decisions is whether to execute the work on a fixed-price or a time-and-material basis. My Technically Speaking columns for our June and July issues will examine both approaches.

ISA Does the Right Thing

Our own Walt Boyes, editor-in-chief of Control, has been one of ISA’s staunchest critics over the years. Always with good intent, Boyes has pointed out flaws in ISA and suggested ways in which they could improve.  

Are You a Batch Or a Continuous Person?

One of your first decisions for any new process project is whether to go batch or continuous. You may not realize it, but batch versus continuous is also a decision you make virtually every day in your personal and office life.

Suppliers Are Avoiding Me - How About You?

Does it sometimes seem like suppliers are hiding from you and making it as hard as possible to contact them? That certainly happens to us here at the magazine, and it happened to me quite often during my days as an automation customer. 

Control Systems/ERP Integration

Implementing integration between plant control systems and higher level computing platforms like ERP systems is more profitable now than ever. This is due to the increased cost volatility of most plants' two main inputs: energy and raw materials - along with more price volatility for plant product outputs.