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Who Is to Blame for Our Control Systems' Vulnerability?

Do we really need to have open systems and risk the cybersecurity of our control systems and plants, or can we do something to ensure the safety of our industrial networks?

Control Seeks Technical Writer

Job opportunity at Control. We are looking for a technical writer. Are you our ideal candidate?

What Shall the #RoyalBaby Read?

There is no doubt that Prince William and Duchess Kate's son will be a well educated child. Who knows, he might take after his father and uncle and join the military, he might decide to go into politics, history or the Arts, but if for some reason he decides to...

Online Content Treasure Hunt

Don't you love that feeling when you put your hands in your pocket and to your surprise you find dollar bills tucked away that you didn't know you had? Well, this column aims to give you that feeling about

Digital Clamp Meters Recall

Fluke is voluntarily recalling its digital clamp meters - Fluke 373, 374, 375, and 376 - that were manufactured between Sept. 1, 2010, and Oct. 31, 2012.

Our January 2013 Issue is Ready. See This Year's Readers' Choice Awards Winners

In the January issue, find out our readers' favorite automation resources and suppliers in "Who Had the Nicest Ice in This Years' Readers' Choice Awards?" plus, follow along with Jim Montague as he describes the ex

Our December 2012 Digtial Edition is Ready For You

December contains Control's look at the process automation economy. Who are the Top 50 vendors? What does 2013 look like? Maybe like a swan: All serene on the surface, but underneath, paddling as fast as he can.

Read the November 2012 Digital Issue

In the November issue of Control Sr. Technical Editor Dan Hebert says advanced process control "ain't easy." The rewards of a successful implementation can be huge, but getting there isn't necessarily half the fun. Greg McMillan warns us to beware of imposter control valves, and we explore how Europe's largest...

Rockwell Automation: Flexibility Driving the Future of Automation - #autofair #pauto

Tonight is our last night of live coverage here at Rockwell Automation Automation Fair. Read all the details.

Rockwell Automation: Manufacturers Share Sustainability Wins - #autofair #pauto

Here are the headlines from our second day of live coverage from Rockwell AutomationAutomation Fair 2012. If you couldn't attend the event but want to know all the details, we have the indormation you need.