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Looking Under the Hood: Micro Motion Integrates Solartron Product LIne #EMRex #pauto #automation #product management

It took seven years and significant skull sweat but Micro Motion has managed a very difficult integration project, rationalizing the Solartron Mowbray vibrating tube density and viscosity meters and integrating them into the Micro Motion production and sales program.

Emerson Exchange, Day One

"Lots to see," said Emerson CSO Peter Zornio, as he guided us deftly into the Technology Zone.

@Hollysys Wins Big in China Nuclear Projects #pauto #automation #nuclear

The Chinese Automation Giant, Hollysys, says its nuclear JV has received more orders for automation systems for nuke plants in China.

It's Not an Iron Man Suit-- It's Better! @Yaskawa partners with ARGO Medical #medical #pauto #automation #robotics

Yaskawa Electric, a major robotics provider, makes significant investment in ARGO Medical's ReWalk Exoskeleton device to help paraplegics walk.

PR Wall of Shame #pauto #public_relations #automation #marketing

Mark Twain said, "Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel." So why do PR firms do the same stupid things?

@SME's PRIME school curriculum makes #STEM students want to learn math #pauto #automation #education

When kids want to learn algebra or how to solve complex problems, you know a school is doing something right. Welcome to the PRIME model schools.

Kaulfersch strikes again: Anagrams #pauto #engineer_humor #automation #networking #Internet

For those who love syndicated the game show Jeopardy, one of the subject question answers is Anagrams. This took me a long time to figure these out. Humor is the best medicine. So here’s another dose.

This Friday is Book Review Day! #pauto #automation #SCADA #safety

Book reviews: The History of a Safer World  by Gary L. Wilkinson; SCADA and ME, by Robert M. Lee; The Distributor's Fee Based Services Manifesto, by Frank Hurtte

OUT of Control: Oil Drillers in France #pauto #oilrig #humor

Two oil well driller hands won a trip to France for all their accomplishments in the oil patch.

@ABB and @Statoil to develop deepwater subsea power and control technologies #pauto #offshoretechnology #automation #power

ABB and Statoil form partnership in $100 million R&D program enabling future ultra-deep water and remote subsea factories