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Real Scientist and Engineer Humor: @CERN does standup! #pauto #STEM

Engineers and scientists at CERN, home of the Large Hadron Collider, the Higgs Boson (the God particle), and the World Wide Web aren't always known for being really, really funny guys and gals. Tonight they plan on changing that.

OUT of Control: The Second Best Einstein Story Ever! #pauto #engineer_humor

Joe Kaulfersch provides the Second Best Einstein Story Ever!

Friday Funnies II: OUT of Control's Joe Kaulfersch Strikes Back! #pauto #engineer_humor #automation

Joe Kaulfersch tries to outdo himself with another great humor post for engineers.

OUT of Control's Friday Funnies: Joe Kaulfersch Strikes Again! #pauto #engineer_humor

Joe Kaulfersch, Control's designated humorist, treats us to some more engineering humor. If you are an engineer, it's funny. If you aren't, we can tell by the blank stare.

Good Managing Editors are Hard to Find: Happy Birthday Nancy! @Nancy_Bartels #pauto

Today is Nancy Bartel's birthday, an event that gives me a chance to reflect on the importance of competence and teamwork.


 Yeungnam University Student Uses Dynamic Simulation Software to Optimise the Natural Gas Liquefaction Process, Improve Energy Efficiency and Reduce Costs, and wins 2013 Unisim Design Challenge for Asia Pacific region

@Metso to upgrade @Délipapier's automation #pauto #pulpandpaper #automation #energy

Metso to upgrade Délipapier's automation to boost availability and tissue production performance at its Tissue Plant #1 in Frouard, France.

3000 Sensors for Magnet Quench at @ITER #pauto #fusion #automation #safety

The huge fusion power proof of concept project called ITER will go online in a few years and expects to provide practical fusion power --but they're ready if things go wrong.

Once Again @Oseco Comes to @Mythbusters' Rescue for @BreakingBad #pauto #rupturedisk #automation #safety

Oseco’s rupture discs have again been put to the test onMythBusters, this time as part of a special dedicated to the award-winning Breaking Bad TV show. The pressure-relief manufacturer made its sixth appearance on the hit show as theMythBusters crew tested the explosive capabilities of a chemical composition.

@exida Certifies @ITT-Neo-Dyn Switches for #functional_safety #pauto #sis #automation #sensors

exida has certified ITT Neo-Dyn family of pressure, differential pressure, vacuum and temperature switches for functional safety use in SIL 3 locations