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Two Centuries of Gasification

Every day is somebody’s birthday or anniversary. For example, Google has a doodle up today celebrating the 112th birthday of American author, John Steinbeck. But another, in some respects more important, anniversary is coming up.

This New Sensor Could Be All Wet

Experimental "smart" diapers take the Internet of Things to a whole new level.

Cybersecurity Framework 1.0—Your Latest Must-Read

One year to the day after President Obama issued Executive Order 13636: Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, NIST has released its Cybersecurity Framework 1.0, “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity”  You may want to read it sooner rather than later.

Innovation Institutes Deserve a Closer Look

We used to get advanced technology as trickledown from the military, the cold war arms race, NASA, national labs, well-endowed universities and serious basic research centers run by great American companies. Today, many of those avenues are weakened or broken, and we can sure use help from these new centers...

High-Tech Hubs Ignite Editor’s Ear

My ear catches fire when President Obama mentions "high-tech manufacturing hubs." Sounds like control and automation to me, but we may need to reach out from this side, too. 

Palpable Excitement

When we interview the leaders of vendor companies that are completing a merger or acquisition, we're mainly interested in reporting what you – its customers – need to know: how will it change what you can get from them, and how you'll have to go about getting it.

What Do Bees and Thermostats Have in Common?

Australian bees get RFID chips and Google buys a thermostat company. Just another day in the developing Internet of Things space. But will the technology spill into process automation?

Control Seeks Technical Writer

Job opportunity at Control. We are looking for a technical writer. Are you our ideal candidate?

Stuff Found While Going Through100+ Emails

Interesting items found while going through 100+ emails: Foundation for ROM news, Siemens renames its best-selling variable-speed drive, and a Control editor discovers an Indian company that makes tea, steel and small, cheap cars for India, among other things, and does very well by doing a lot of good. 

An Engineering Mecca

Clyde River valley (Scottland) is the birthplace of much of what we think of as the Industrial Revolution. It’s a dream spot for the engineer with even a small bent for history.