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Emerson Exchange, Day One

"Lots to see," said Emerson CSO Peter Zornio, as he guided us deftly into the Technology Zone.

@Hollysys Wins Big in China Nuclear Projects #pauto #automation #nuclear

The Chinese Automation Giant, Hollysys, says its nuclear JV has received more orders for automation systems for nuke plants in China.

It's Not an Iron Man Suit-- It's Better! @Yaskawa partners with ARGO Medical #medical #pauto #automation #robotics

Yaskawa Electric, a major robotics provider, makes significant investment in ARGO Medical's ReWalk Exoskeleton device to help paraplegics walk.

PR Wall of Shame #pauto #public_relations #automation #marketing

Mark Twain said, "Never pick a fight with a man who buys ink by the barrel." So why do PR firms do the same stupid things?

@SME's PRIME school curriculum makes #STEM students want to learn math #pauto #automation #education

When kids want to learn algebra or how to solve complex problems, you know a school is doing something right. Welcome to the PRIME model schools.

Kaulfersch strikes again: Anagrams #pauto #engineer_humor #automation #networking #Internet

For those who love syndicated the game show Jeopardy, one of the subject question answers is Anagrams. This took me a long time to figure these out. Humor is the best medicine. So here’s another dose.

This Friday is Book Review Day! #pauto #automation #SCADA #safety

Book reviews: The History of a Safer World  by Gary L. Wilkinson; SCADA and ME, by Robert M. Lee; The Distributor's Fee Based Services Manifesto, by Frank Hurtte

OUT of Control: Oil Drillers in France #pauto #oilrig #humor

Two oil well driller hands won a trip to France for all their accomplishments in the oil patch.

@ABB and @Statoil to develop deepwater subsea power and control technologies #pauto #offshoretechnology #automation #power

ABB and Statoil form partnership in $100 million R&D program enabling future ultra-deep water and remote subsea factories

FUD and Fukushima

Anybody remember the Tohoku earthquake? No? Here’s a hint. Fukushima-Daiichi. Now do you remember?  April 7, 2011. The earthquake struck Japan, and in the subsequent tsunami, upwards of 18,500 people, their towns and livelihoods were literally swept away.