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May 19, 2010

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Usability, Technical Innovation Drive ABB’s Instrumentation Offering

Align Plant–Level KPIs with Business Objectives

ABB’s Leaders Tackle Big Questions

Shale Gas Bonanza Needs Friends and Commitment

Integrated Automation and Power to the Rescue

Can technical solutions really save the world? Maybe. But if we’re talking about ABB’s automation and power technologies, then they sure can go a long way to helping the planet and its people.

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A Peek under the Hood of the New System 800xA

"It’s not just a control loop anymore!" said Roy Tanner, global marketing manager for the ABB System 800xA. "It is all about integration." Tanner presented an overview of the System 800xA platform and then some peeks at version 5.1, which will be available in June, in his talk this week at ABB Automation and Power World 2010.

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Smart Grid on Verge of Impacting Industry

Most of the recent hype regarding the smart grid involves far–off technologies for the home, such as the capability to plug in hybrid vehicles, in–home generation and storage, and residential demand response. Industrial electric customers always have used large volumes of electric power and will...

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