Book Review: Jonathan Love's Process Automation Handbook #pauto #manufacturing #mfg

Jonathan Love's tour-de-force single volume Process Automation Handbook is a necessary reference, right beside Liptak's Instrument Engineer's Handbook, and if I can be pardoned, my own Instrumentation Reference Book, that should be on every process automation professional's desk or bookshelf.

In the other two works, Liptak and I concentrate on the automation components, systems and devices that make automation work, while Love concentrates on the processes and systems that those devices make up.

This book cannot be rated too highly. Dr. Love is a remarkably good writer, too, and his book is anything but dry and scholarly. Scholarship is there, yes, and exceptionally good, too, but the book is written in an extremely accessible voice.

Since we are seeing people entering the profession who haven't any experience and don't have a clue how to make these systems work, it is essential for books like this to be written simply, yet deeply, because it is books like the Process Automation Handbook that will be the substitute for the experience and expertise that is retiring and walking away from the process industries daily as our work force ages.

If you are in the field of process automation, suck it up and buy this book! It is one of the best investments in your career you can make.