Don't have time to get an engineering degree? This book's for you!

Core Engineering Concepts bookI got an email a few weeks back asking if I would review a book that had the title, "Core Engineering Concepts." I said sure, send it along.

Today I received a huge package. It contained a single book. Because of the difficult numbering system I have no idea how many pages it is-- but it must be well over 1400.

What is is, though, is quite different. This is a single volume complete engineering curriculum from engineering drawing practices to preparing for the FE and PE examinations. "I wrote this book to help you remember what most engineers forget: Their engineering education," wrote the author, Michael R. Lindeburg, P. E., in his preface.

The chapter titles read like a course listing for an engineering degree. Mathematics. Fluids. Thermodynamics. Chemistry. Biology. heat Transfer. Statics. Material Science. Mechanics of Materials. Dynamics. Circuits. Physics. Systems Analysis. Comuter Proramming. Atomic Theory. Engineering Management, and finally Engineering Licensure.

The clarity of the chapters is quite amazing. The entire book reads like a "Cliff's Notes" companion to a four or five year engineering degree.

Core Engineering Concepts for Students and Professionals will have a prominent place on my own engineering reference shelf.