Hyperion expands capabilities in the Middle East

Most of the big automation vendors have ownership offshore. Invensys is British, Siemens is German, Schneider is French, ABB and E+H are Swiss, and so on. It's not unusual, and therefore not news, to hear of them making a new deal in the Middle East, or Africa or South America or wherever.

But it is a big deal when a small company based on the island of Cyprus, has something neHyperion Logo in Greek letterswsworthy to say. Note that the logo of Hyperion Systems Engineering is the word "Hyperion" spelled in Greek characters. That's because Hyperion is based on the island of Cyprus, where about half of the population are Greeks and the other half Turks. They spent a while back about 30-40 years ago trying to kill each other so that only one culture would own the island. The United Nations did a long peacekeeping mission there. So it is very nice to see something come out of Cyprus for automation professionals.

Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd (www.hyperion.com.cy) is a leading independent
provider of systems engineering solutions and services to the process industries. A privately held
company with 16 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Pharmaceutical,
Food and Beverage, Power, Water and Metals industries, Hyperion has a well-established
reputation for groundbreaking innovation, helping clients to drive down costs and dramatically
increase operational efficiencies. Hyperion provides Process Modeling and Simulation, Basic and Advanced Process Control, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Project Management Consulting, with specialized expertise including Operator Training Simulators, Predictive Emissions Monitoring Systems, Environmental Compliance and Reporting, Laboratory Information
Management Systems and Advanced Planning and Scheduling.

The press release is about Hyperion linking up with M3 Technology to provide added capabilities in the Middle East market.

According to the release, M3 "defines the cutting edge of technology in providing one integrated solution for production scheduling, multi-blend optimization, terminal and dock operational scheduling for the global petroleum refining, petrochemical, natural gas-LNG and terminal operating industry."

In the release, Nile Al Rushaid, GM of Hyperion Saudi Arabia is quoted as having said, “We are consistently executing on our strategy to become the leading provider of process engineering solutions in the Kingdom. We see the M3 portfolio as an integral part of this strategy and I am delighted that together with M3 we can introduce world class scheduling and blending solutions which are well proven in the United States and Europe and will provide tremendous results for our industry”.

There are good little automation companies that have sprung up all over the world, from Eastern Europe to Asia. And they are all going to give the "old established" a good run.