It is, as Yogi said, Deja Vu all over again...

It seems like I've written this blog post several times lately.

Over the weekend, explosions rocked the Sunoco Marcus Hook refinery and it took fire crews over 8 hours to put out a fire at the Seneca Oil refinery in Lemont, IL. Sunoco Marcus Hook Ethylene Unit in Flames

Adding to the confusion, news media are focusing on the fact that the Sunoco refinery was fined on Thursday for air pollution infractions. As a critic pointed out, they don't have anything to do with the explosion, which occurred almost completely across the huge site from the site of the air pollution emissions, in the ethylene unit.

But the attitude of many of the commenters in the local media blogs is, "well, it's an older unit and something failed."

It is questionable if that attitude is conducive to functional safety.

No one was killed at either site. 

Yanno, this is beginning to be a little too commonplace an event for me.