#opsmanage OpsManage Expo ties things together

There can be only one. Invensys, that is. There is no "Foxboro" booth, no "Wonderware" booth, or any of the other great brands that make up part of Invensys Operations Management, or IOM. And as you walk through the expo, you see that there are applications being talked about: operations, asset management, control, HMI, enterprise control, migration-- not products, really.


 This is a major step away from the Old Invensys, or even the Old Foxboro or Wonderware. What you see is subject matter experts with solutions, not salesmen with the latest and greatest cool product. Oh, sure, products are talked about and sold, but only as a means to solving a customer's problem.

Here's _one_ of the mobility solutions booths...there is no Intelatrac (or Wonderware Mobility Solutions) booth...there are several, and even more if you count the Motorola booth.

Invensys' "ecosystem" is out in force. Partners like Kepware, Beckhoff, Cognizant and others, system integrators like Optimation, Stone Technologies, Advanceon and others-- they are here in the Expo.

People laughed a few years ago when Wonderware coined the term "ecosystem" for its partners, integrators and channels. But if you think like that, you do different things than if you see them as an "us" v. "not-us" situation.  You start thinking about how to make decisions that benefit the whole ecosystem, not just the vendor. Benefiting the entire ecosystem benefits all of the components-- so there is no "we win-you lose"-- and that is a very powerful way to think about how channels work.