OUT of Control: An Easter Monday Funny

Dick Morley sent me a joke over the weekend that was so horrific that I have to share.

This engineer was driving down the road, and he saw a rabbit dart out in front of his car. No matter how hard he braked, he couldn't stop in time and he ran the bunny down. He got out of the car and saw that not only was the rabbit dead, it was the Easter Bunny.

"Oh, my God! I've killed the Easter Bunny," the engineer moaned.

Just then, a little red sports car pulled up, and a gorgeous blonde leaped out. She rummaged in a bag in the back seat, grabbed a spray can and ran to the dead rabbit. She sprayed the rabbit all over with the stuff in the can, and the Easter Bunny leaped up, alive, and ran down the road a ways. It turned and raised its arm and waved. Ran down the road, turned and waved, and continued to do that until it disappeared from sight.

The engineer was stunned. "What did you do?" he asked the blonde.

Wordlessly, she handed him the spray can.

"Hairspray," it read. "Brings dead hair to life and installs permanent wave."