Techshock: Caution Future Under Repair-- new book by Dick Morley

I just received a review copy of Techshock -- Caution: Future Under Repair by Dick Morley, who will be one of the keynote speakers at next week's ISA Marketing and Sales Summit in Boston. If you haven't registered, and you have anything to do with marketing or sales in automation, shame on you -- go register right now and get there or be square.

Morley is always thoughtprovoking. One of the most outrageously mind-expanding afternoons I have ever spent was being stuck in an airport departure lounge with Dick and Jim Heaton, founder of AMR Consulting. Whew! I kept up, but barely.

This book is a collection of essays, some developed from his long running column in the Canadian automation magazine, Managing Automation. These essays are far ranging and excellent.

I highly recommend this book for thoughtful explanation of the way the future works.