The Glory of COTS! Check this out--- Windows CE, DOS and LINUX, take your pick for OS!

Advantech UNO1140For years, COTS (commercially available, off the shelf) has been driving the architectures of automation systems and controller design. Here's the latest example of the power of COTS.

From Advantech's press release:

Advantech Launches a x86-based DIN-Rail PC

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the UNO-1140F X86-based DIN-rail PC equipped with a VGA port, an Ethernet port, 2 x USB ports and 8 x isolated serial com ports which can handle 921.6 Kbps max speed per port.
The UNO-1140F can operate in temperatures of  -20 ~ 75° C,  has IP40 protection, grounding isolation between chassis and system, providing robust performance in a compact package making it highly suitable for micro controller and communication gateway tasks for machine automation, factory automation and building automation applications.
In addition, the UNO-1140F adopts Advantech’s EVA-X4150 SoC (System-on-Chip), which is an open system architecture supporting WinCE™, DOS and Linux, and has 10-year longevity warranty. Unlike RISC-based PC’s, the x86-based SoC not only integrates general PC functions into a single chip, which supports open architectures for easy development and migration, but also provides a VGA port and PC/104 expansion for wider application.

Advantech has also released the UNO-1140, a cost-effective version of the UNO-1140F which features four standard Serial COM ports, as opposed to the UNO-1140F’s 8 x Isolated COM ports.