The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communications Foundation Merge

The Fieldbus Foundation and HART Communications foundation have now officially merged to form a new organisation to known as FieldComm Group.  As no surprise Ted Masters will be president and CEO of FieldComm Group.

Foundation Fieldbus Chipset Migration

The Fieldbus Foundation recently distributed a “Hot off the Wire” Press Release to inform everyone that one of the manufacturers of an approved chip set on which the FF Stack is built is to be discontinued in March 2015.

Wireless Design Considerations for Industrial Applications Application Manual

Wireless installations in industrial settings have different challenges and requirements than those found in the typical office environment. A new application guide jointly developed by Rockwell Automation and Cisco is one document to help you better understand what some of those challenges are and how to overcome them.

WINA 2014 Wireless Survey

Gaining an understanding of the changes in the rapidly evolving industrial wireless sector will be valuable to not only manufacturers but also end users and engineering companies to help determine longer term planning. This annual survey from WINA is a valuable tool to assist in gathering this information.

Industrial Wireless Spectrum Management in a Global Economy

A European standard intended to reduce the likelihood of signal interference in the ISM bands could have a significant impact on how Industrial wireless networks will be designed and operated. Because the standard applies to any device generating above 10mW, it will be relevant to present radio based field sensor networks.

IEC61508 Second Edition – Summary of Changes Presentation

Safety systems are an important component of control systems and with the recent publication of the second edition of these documents so getting an understanding of some of the basic changes is certainly something that should be done.

Plant Reliability Webinar Tuesday May 20

Plant reliability is a key to successful plant operations. Achieving high levels of reliability requires effective maintenance practices – including taking advantage of the knowledge inherent in today’s smart or intelligent devices. This Webinar describes how FDT technology can be used to achieve better maintenance results directly impacting your bottom line.

IEC Safety Standards (IEC 61508) Help

Functional Safety standards continue to generate significant interest and in many cases questions in the automation industry. The Functional Safety standards are more commonly known as IEC 61508, IEC 61511, and ISA-84. The IEC has a web site to support questions on these documents.

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) market in your future?

MEMS technology has grown from a niche application industry to a US$12B industry in a little over the decade – largely driven by the consumer market however work on multiple fronts will bring this technology into the controls and automation realm in a significant way.

Automation Market Size Video

Understanding the size and scope of the automation sector is worth understanding on a periodic basis. This 4 minute video has a look at this information from several angles.