The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Safety Conference in Edmonton November 27-29, 2012

IDC Technology is hosting a conference and two half-day workshops in Edmonton later this month with workshops presented by both Paul Gruhn on Safety system and John Cusimano on "Assessing the Security of Industrial Control Systems Using Threat Modeling" Tuesday November 27.

Sojourn is Over

After quietly disappearing from your radar at the end of April to join a global manufacturing company I am pleased to say that after that did not work out as planned Walt Boyes was kind enough to ask me to resume this blog so “The Great Kanduski” is back.

Oil Sands Automation 2012

The ISA Edmonton Section has just finished hosting the 9th annual Oil Sands Automation conference in Fort McMurray and as the tag line on the program states – still the only oil sands focused conference hosted in the oil sands.

Tech Workers Where art thou?

While in Austin recently for some meetings at the Fieldbus Foundation I read a copy of the Wall Street Journal about the state of technology workers in the United States. The Population Reference Bureau estimates that approximately 7.6 million workers in the US work in technology fields and the low...

Protect the Grid SmartGrid Initiative

I recently read in Power Magazine ( that EPRI is launching the Security and Privacy Initiative, a collaborative effort to investigate cyber security standards, business processes, and technologies to protect the electric grid.

New Fieldbus Supplier CobaltProcess

Is the world ready for a “self-help” supplier of industrial networking tools and equipment? The people at Cobaltprocess ( in the Northwest USA certainly hope so.

Fieldbus On-Line Diagnostics

Because off-line tools by their nature are unable to report back to the appropriate person when something happens the majority of FF Power Supply manufacturers either already offer or I am confident are working on developing on-line network diagnostic modules to continually monitor and report to a central system as...

Off Line Fieldbus Network Analysis Tools

The original network analysis tool was the National Instruments Bus Monitor, developed at approximately the same time as Foundation Fieldbus was being introduced. This tool was designed to monitor the data traffic on fieldbus networks. It was not until Relcom introduced the FBT-3 that a physical layer troubleshooting tool specific...

ISA Industrial Communications Symposia

Deadlines for the ISA Communications Division two Spring Symposia are quickly approaching. The first event this April in Troy (Detroit) Michigan is a joint offering with the ISA100 WG16 committee that will be two half-days focused on Wireless applications in the Factory environment.

H1 Communication Stack - Connecting the Function Block to the cable

Just like we tend to take the Ethernet chipset in our computer for granted, most End Users are likely unaware that every Foundation Fieldbus H1 device has a similar chipset called the H1 Stack in it.