The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Passive Wireless Sensor Workshop

In less than 1 week (July 27 -28) a wide range of experts will be in Houston at the Westlake Club to discuss how passive sensors (similar to RFID) will be used in the future.

Jitter & Control

Jitter or the difference in time or variation between when something is ‘supposed to happen’ versus when it ‘actually happens’ as compared to a reference clock source. The deviation can be in terms of amplitude, phase timing, or the width of the signal pulse.

ISA Communications Division/ 57 IIS Symposium / Passive Wireless Sensor-Tag Workshop

Hello from St Louis! Just wrapping up a week of ISA symposium and meetings before heading home for a month and my list of summer yard chores.

Fieldbus Network Timing Parameters – Compel Data

One would think that because the Fieldbus Foundation defines so many other parameters in its standards that the time for the Compel Data message used for the Publish/Subscribe messages on which control in the field is based would also be standardized. Not so.

IEC TC65 2011 Meeting

I am now back from the IEC meeting for a bit more than a week so thought an update worth sharing.

For lack of a chip

All of us are familiar with the story about how the war was lost because the nail on the horse’s shoe was lost, well the same sort of thing is happening with instrument manufacturers because of the tsunami earlier this year in Japan.

IPv6 Security with MT6D

Virginia Tech runs one of the few production scale IPv6 networks in the United States, with a network of more than 30,000 computing and communication systems. As owners of a system this size and the range of Users involved security is obviously an issue.

Fieldbus in Brazil

I am in Brazil for two weeks working with LEAD to assist them in becoming a Foundation Fieldbus Certified Training Center.

Vapor Mass Flow Meter

Though not a networking topic, the development of “smart instruments” as a result of the associated digital connectivity was a contributing factor. While at the ISA Calgary Exhibition last week and during my day there had a chance to wander the floor for about an hour – between my time...

Next Generation Professionals – Take 1

I was in Calgary most of this week for the ISA Calgary Exhibition ( ) more on that event next week) and one of the comments I heard many times while there and at SAIT ( local trade college) was the shortage of people entering and even considering automation as...