The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Xi–ting News for OPC

The December issue of Control Magazine contained an article of interest to automation professionals involved in data integration and as the title of this blog implies, that is Xi (pronounced “X-EYE”) as a new version of OPC.   As a process analyser professional, it interested me to see that this...

Honeywell “OTTER” do well with this...


Great Kanduski: FDI Agreement

HART & Ethernet

The majority of fieldbus communications protocols have created an Ethernet version, in most cases by "packaging" their higher Application or User layers inside an Ethernet packet. One widely used standard - at least for the process industry is the HART Communications Foundation and the HART protocol. "

GSM Compromised?

The December issue of IEEE Spectrum had a small lead about the following Open Source attempt to hack the GSM phone system. The full article can be found at

Front End Design - A Good Beginning = Successful End

Everyone knows that no building is stronger than its foundation or a company better than its corporate principles so it should be no surprise that a project will be no more successful than the planning that takes place at the start of the project.

FDI - Integration Now more than a dream

There is new hope for End Users that a uniform interface to the rich information such as diagnostics and related material in smart instruments may soon be available. This is because a number of supplier companies have joined the FDI cooperation project that initially consisted of the major technology trade...

FDT, SAM & a Common Interface


Open Source Buses

Open source appears to becoming a factor in the industrial automation arena now as well. As Sound Off editor Walt Boyes posted on November 18, the Ethernet/IP stack has gone open source. Links to full story and associated pages on OpenSourceForge site:

10 Years from now...

As we near the end of the calendar year this is a good time to pull out the crystal ball and solicit your input on what YOU think automation systems in 2020 will be like?