The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Lowest cost Home Run – Fieldbus or wireless?

Wireless is being proposed as the easiest and lowest cost way to install additional infrastructure between a field device and the control system when the home run cable is ‘full.’ Unfortunately, this is not true since as the title implies another alternative exists and that alternative can be used in...

Emerson S-Series – New Paradigm?

I imagine that by now most of you have at least received the June 2010 issue of Control magazine with its “Special Advertising Supplement” from Emerson Process Management promoting the new Human Centered Design S-Series control products.  Of course the biggest part of the announcement is CHARM.

HART 7’s Biggest Benefit

Most people, in part because the marketing folks tell us so, believe that the addition of wireless to the HART standard is the most important part of the latest version. I beg to disagree.

Wireless Wasted with Thumbs

The most common implementation of Industrial Wireless, especially WirelessHART is to install a “thumb” on the ‘spare’ outlet of a conventional HART transmitter so that the HART information can be accessed wirelessly practically anywhere. In my mind this is a step back because most control systems support HART communications directly...

Specification Development – part 3, Specification

FINALLY, we are able to execute the preparation of the specification proper. However prior to do so we need to be clear on whether we wish to prepare a “Descriptive/Function” or a “Prescriptive” specification.  Prescriptive specifications, where the specification defines ‘step-by-step’ the procedures to be followed, were the norm in...

Specification Development – part 2, Requirements

Having agreed on the problem or problems to be resolved with the specification, the committee now has to define what will solve the problem. For example, to use a common nursery rhyme, the Use Case is ‘getting water for Liza’ while the requirement is the transportation by Henry of fluid...

Specification Development – What are we trying to solve

Practically every project requires the development or at least updating of specifications as part of the process and normally an early part of that process. What are specifications other than a method to document how to solve a problem?

FF Curriculum Certification Part 2

Though some of my friends have been telling me for years, Denise was able to confirm this week that I am now certified, Certified Foundation Fieldbus training instructor that is – and pending some changes to the laboratory exercises – tomorrow’s activity on my part to perform the activity and...

FF Training Certification

Just completed the first day of the FF Certified Training Center audit here at SAIT with Denise Lloyd from the Fieldbus Foundation and we are almost complete part 1 of 3 in the process. Day 1 was spent reviewing the course curriculum content against the criteria as defined in the...

RJ-45 Connectors - Ethernet`s Weakest Link?

All of us at some time or another have had the `plastic spring` on at RJ-45 Ethernet connector either break or when we come to use the connector find that it is not there. No worries right? Wrong.