The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

FF Curriculum Certification Part 2

Though some of my friends have been telling me for years, Denise was able to confirm this week that I am now certified, Certified Foundation Fieldbus training instructor that is – and pending some changes to the laboratory exercises – tomorrow’s activity on my part to perform the activity and...

FF Training Certification

Just completed the first day of the FF Certified Training Center audit here at SAIT with Denise Lloyd from the Fieldbus Foundation and we are almost complete part 1 of 3 in the process. Day 1 was spent reviewing the course curriculum content against the criteria as defined in the...

RJ-45 Connectors - Ethernet`s Weakest Link?

All of us at some time or another have had the `plastic spring` on at RJ-45 Ethernet connector either break or when we come to use the connector find that it is not there. No worries right? Wrong.

Staying Connected on the road

I arrived home from Africa yesterday after an extended voyage courtesy of the volcano in Iceland. Fortunately, we only had a 40 minute delay on the ground in Heathrow and an extra hour to fly around the ash cloud.

Johannesburg Fieldbus Seminars

Here I am in Johannesburg South Africa exactly 1 Month before the start of one of the world’s sporting spectacles, the World Cup. The FF South Africa Marketing Committee asked me to come down to present a couple of Foundation Fieldbus seminars to engineers in Johannesburg and another in Cape Town.

Electric cars increase Pollution

Though not an industrial networking problem this should be a ‘no brainer’ for engineers. Electric cars increase pollution. Electric vehicles do not eliminate pollution; they simply relocate the source of the emission to the coal generating station or other single point source instead.

Connecting Intelligence Everywhere

The TECH column in the April 12 issue of Fortune magazine (unfortunately I cannot give you a link to the article because the folks at CNN/Fortune do not think providing this sort of content in other than the print format I get to my door makes sense) had an article...

Wireless Misconceptions

When I read the Dilbert comic strip on Friday April 24 I could not help but wonder how many other folks, especially those approving projects think like the “pointy haired boss” who says in the final frame “It’s wireless. How hard could it be to not install wires?”

Conferences & Exhibitions - Learning Opportunities Extraordinaire

As an active member of the ISA Edmonton Section, I participated in the Sections biannual Conference and Exhibition this past week. Being there in person rather than seeking out information via the web, which I often do because of my location not only gave me a chance to meet...

Overcoming the Wireless Sensor Network Bandwidth Problem

One of the challenges identified in our last posting was the increasing demand on the 2.4 GHz bands to be all things to all people and that unfortunately, IEEE 802.15.4  is further hindered by the restrictions put on the radios.  One possible solution is to migrate to a different...