The Great Kanduski: Best Practices in Industrial Networking

Mobile Communications & GDP

The cover story in “The Economist” (392: #8650) focuses on how new communications technologies are beneficially transforming developing countries. One interesting statistic in the is that the study claims for every 10 mobile phones introduced per 100 people boosts growth in GDP per person by 0.8 percentage points.

Green Buildings and Automation

ASHRAE recently published a new standard 189.1 for the “Design of High-Performance, Green Buildings Except Low-rise Residential Buildings” that can be viewed in the java based RealRead Viewer at Of most direct interest to the automation sector is part 7 of the document that deals with Energy Efficiency.

Asset Management – Using Smart Sensors in a smart way

The majority of new electronic field devices being installed today all have some form diagnostics capability and most of those also have some way of communicating their overall general health to another system that can make use of this information to improve overall plant reliability.

What can PoE do for me?

Most industry pundits believe it is only a matter of time before we will truly have ‘Ethernet everywhere’ and what that might mean. Other than the obvious increase in bandwidth and difference in power available via PoE what new measurements and sensors might now be possible? An obvious option of...

Foundation Fieldbus Seminar

I had the opportunity to attend the Fieldbus Foundation Seminar in Vancouver last week and was not only pleasantly surprised by the turn out, some folks drove up from Seattle, but more importantly the fact that several EPC companies were represented.

Oil Sands Automation Conference 2010

The 7th annual Oil Sands Conference concluded one week ago in Fort McMurray, the heart of the oil sands and it was evident that automation will play a significant factor in the continuing development of this important hydrocarbon resource.

Automation's Impact

The following figure came courtesy of Larry O’Brien at Automation Research Corporation and demonstrates how an investment in automation and control systems during the capital phase of a project can have a disproportionate impact (at least 5 times greater) on the profitability of a facility during its operating life.

Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories – MCAA Survey

As part of their mandate to help the automation profession and in particular their members, the Measurement, Control & Automation Association (MCAA) ( is conducting a pair of surveys to gain a better understanding of the industry’s need or desire for reciprocity among and across the various certification agencies for...

Just Because We Can

Because you can, does not always mean you should and knowing when is the difference between being an automation professional and one of the “great unwashed.”

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